Park Accomodation is the place of the tournament, tournament hall is on the 1st floor.
Kecskemet, Gyenes ter 18. H - 6000

An island of silence in the centre of Kecskemet is Park Accomodation in a green park, just a few minutes away from the famoust main square. We are waiting for you with friendly service and most of our staff speak English.

We have here also a hall to stay on the 5 floor and kitchen.

For our guests we offer the following room choices:

  • Big-size room with own bathroom. 32 Euro for one person, 42 Euro for 2 people. A spare bed is 8 Euro, up to 4 persons.
  • Big-size room, the bathroom belongs to two rooms. 26 Euro for 1 person, 34 Euro for two people, spare bed costs 8 Euro , up to 4 persons.
  • Smaller room, the bathroom belongs to two rooms. 22 Euro for one person, 30 Euro for two person.
  • Small room, the bathroom belongs to three rooms. 20 Euro for one person, 28 Euro for two person.





We offer a two room flat /52 m2/ just 80 m from our tournament hall. It is for 2 persons 45 euro, for 3 persons 53 euro, for 4 persons 60 euro for one night

The prices above do not include breakfast, but there is possibility to drink coffee and tee for free. There is WIFI internet connection in the hall in thee 5th floor.